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Lucky bamboo is famous and now extensively accessible plant that many people connect with Feng Shui and best luck. The vital low-maintenance plant, this plant can be grown in water and can stay alive under nearly any light situations. Lucky bamboo is trusted to bring best luck and fate when you offer it as a gift to family, friends, or co-workers.

Lucky bamboo is not truly a bamboo but exactly a member of the dracena family, Dracaena Sanderiana. Lucky bamboo brings lively chi power in your office or home and asks little in return. That is why you find it on office desks, in office lobbies, as well as in houses. Lucky bamboo plants have a well-deserved status as nearly durable. These hard stalks can stay alive in vases of water or in soil and under a big range of light conditions. Even a badly kept lucky bamboo plant will live for long time.lucky-bamboo plant2


Lucky bamboo is bog plant, and needs a lot of water to stay alive. Most bamboo plants will live amazingly in vases filled with just water for many years living off nitrates present in the water source. It is vital to make sure that water is not too hard and most vitally, does not contain any fluorine, chlorine or fluoride. Chlorine can be deleted from tap water by leaving it to stand for 1 day; anyway, fluoride cannot be deleted as easily and in those cases, purified/bottled water should be used instead.


Lucky bamboo will perform best with reasonableplant3 levels of indirect light. Do not show plant to open sunlight, such as bright windowsill. The open sunlight is too powerful for the plant and causes the leaves to warp and leaves will change brown. Lucky bamboo should forever be keep indoors.


Only use fertilizers plant or food made specifically for this plant such as Super Green plant food. This plant does not need any fertilizers or nutrients. It can last for years with perfect water. Plat fertilizer or food can help aid the health of lucky bamboo plants. Rest assure if your looking to lucky bamboo plants for sale we have you covered!!


Lucky bamboo does not need soil to grow, anyway, it does grow better in a soil atmosphere. Because it is a bog plant, the roots of this plant must forever be soaked. Have you checked out this post!!

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